Shaving Cream Leaves

Since we started our “No Screens” policy at our house last spring, we’ve become quite the crafters and board game players. It’s actually quite nice, and the kids really don’t complain about not getting to watch TV, play video games, or use the computer Monday through Thursday.  Their time is quite limited Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but to them it seems like a huge amount, comparatively!

Yesterday we painted leaves using a shaving cream technique.  Since using this method several (as in over ten!) years ago to make backgrounds for stamping, I had completely forgotten how cool the results can be.

I tested it while the hooligans toiled away at school, using ink refills to color the shaving cream.  The resulting leaves, while very pretty, didn’t live up to my expectations of vibrancy. Inked-Leaves-ChaosServedDai

When I prepped the craft for my minions, I used acrylic craft paint instead, and the results were much more colorful and what I was hoping to see.  Today Princess Thundercloud and I made a wreath for Thanksgiving by adding the leaves to a styrofoam wreath and “Gobble, Gobble” foam sign we found at the Dollar Spot at Target.


Now doesn’t that make you want to try it?  Or eat a pumpkin pie.


  • Shaving cream
  • Acrylic craft paint, in 4 or 5 fall shades
  • Paper plates
  • Something to swirl with (we used the handle of a paint brush)
  • Cardstock leaves (or whatever shape you wish)
  • Nylon kitchen scraper
  • Freezer paper (to cover your work surface…brown bags or wax paper would also work)

I anticipated a huge mess, but this was surprisingly neat while we were crafting and the cleanup was simple…the paint washed right off our hands, thanks to the shaving cream.

I put sheets of freezer paper down for each artist to use, then filled a paper plate with shaving cream for each.  Next I drizzled some paint over the shaving cream.


Next, we used the end of a paint brush to swirl the paint and shaving cream together…but not too much.


You don’t want it to become all one color…what you want are streaks.


I cut the leaves from green and gold cardstock using my Big Shot.  You could just cut out some leaf shapes or buy diecuts from a craft or school supply store.  Whatever shape you’re using, push the cardstock down into the shaving cream/paint mixture until one side is evenly coated.

Pull it out, place it on your freezer/scrap paper, and use a nylon scraper to swipe the shaving cream off.  We had a plastic bowl that I wiped the scraper on, to scrape off the shaving cream before each leaf.



If a little shaving cream remains on the paper, it’s fine.  Let them dry completely.  Ours took a couple of hours.

These would be fun as embellishments on cards, treat bags, or on a wreath as we used them. It’s definitely a craft my kids can’t wait to try again.  I think turkey tail feathers would look cool, or ornaments at Christmas.

With my hooligans, instant gratification and impressive but easy results seem to be key in our crafting, followed by a tasty snack. This turned out even better than I anticipated, and the kids were impressed by my craftiness…and I did it while my GI Joe was off Army-ing, so he didn’t have a heart attack when the shaving cream was being squirted into plates or the paint being swirled. He doesn’t do well with potential messes.  He’s much happier to see just the end result!

8 thoughts on “Shaving Cream Leaves

  1. I wonder if you could add glitter, before the paint dries, for a nice shimmery effect? That would also be something that would have to happen while your husband is away from the house 😉

    • Yes, it would…but maybe you could use the craft paint with glitter already in it and it wouldn’t be as messy? You know how he is, though…shudders at the mere mention of “glitter!”

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