A Tee for Me

Yes, I made something just for me!  While I was bleaching away on those Batty Bleached Tees for my boys, I thought I might as well make one for myself.  I wanted a shirt that I could wear more than just during the Halloween season, though, so mine has leaves.  Ta-da!


I cut the leaves using my Big Shot and a leaf die, but you could easily just print them online and cut what you’d like, just as I did for the bats.  I chose the dark turquoise because I thought it would work for any season (and I like the color!).

These shirts are so easy and artsy…I feel the need to make more.  I even saw ones very similar to this at a craft fair recently…for over $30.  Hope you’re inspired to bleach a little for yourself!

6 thoughts on “A Tee for Me

  1. That is gorgeous!!! I’m so impressed! (I feel like I write that on all my comments, but really, I am). I thought the batty ones were really cool, but I never imagined it in grown up form. Really beautiful.

    • And you know I was totally thinking while making it, it’s so Dania…cool and artsy! I’m quite certain my yoga positions will improve while wearing it…or maybe I’ll just look prettier!

      • That is such a huge compliment coming from someone as cool and artsy as you!!! I hope you’ll report back on your yoga positions! Haha!

  2. I saw something similar to this! But, instead, of making a negative of the image you want, use a bleach pen and actually draw on the picture you want. I figured someone as artsy as you would be good at that!

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