Look What I Saw!

I cannot believe that it’s possible for the foliage to be even more breath-taking each day…it’s gotta end sooner or later, right?  I’m sitting in my craft room, typing away, and the whole house is suffused with golden light, the trees are so vibrant. Oh, fall colors, I wish you could last as long as summer heat!

I honestly think this is the most brilliant autumn I have ever experienced, and we’ve lived in New England, Colorado, and the Pacific Northwest…well done, Wisconsin!

Here are a few shots from a hike we dragged the hooligans on last weekend:


That nature is everywhere!


They felt so brave, three feet above the ground on a log.


The hooligans got to take turns with my small digital camera…it’s fascinating to see what they feel is photo-worthy.  I have a lot of photos of a grasshopper now, if you need a copy.


Obviously, these were the only two perfect leaves in the forest. And lucky us, we found them!


I felt like a total heathen as we skirted the grounds of Holy Hill Abbey…without going inside for Mass.


On the way to the hike…


This may very well be our Christmas card photo…chances are, we’ll never get everyone smiling at the same time again before then!

And now I’m out the door with my camera again…I just can’t stop..and I’ll probably be forcing you to look at some more foliage photos in the very near future!

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