Pretzel Treats for School

The middle hooligan turned six last week, so now they’re all evens…a 4, a 6, and an 8-year-old…for a few months anyway. It’s so much easier for me when it’s a pattern…and it is all about me, of course.0912-First-Day-Finn

Isn’t he a cute little charmer?  We had a party at the local gymnastics place over the weekend, which I’ll blog about this weekend, but my little foodie pondered and pondered the perfect treat for school.  He thought he had “The One,” pretzel rods dipped in caramel and rolled in mini M&M’s, until we learned they were making caramel apples with all sorts of toppers on Wednesday for Johnny Appleseed’s birthday.

I emailed his teacher and asked if ours would be sugar overload on Fridat, and she said to go right ahead.  Since they had their treats in the morning, she had to suffer the sugar rush, not the parents…so if she said it was okay, far be it for me argue!


We were at a local candy store this summer and bought pretzels just like this…for $3 each.  Needless to say, we made the 25 we needed for school!

The hooligan even helped.  I melted 3 bags of caramels in my smallest Crockpot.  It took about an hour on low.  Two bags would have been plenty, but I didn’t want to run out…and then I had a tasty ingredient to use in our own dessert that night!

I dipped each pretzel, using a spoon to scrape most of it off, leaving a pretty thin layer of caramel.  Then the oldest hooligan held the pretzel upright for about 30 seconds over the pot while I did the next one. After the pretzel cooled just a bit, the birthday boy quickly rolled them in mini M&M’s.  It took almost 2 large bags.


We put them on wax paper to set, and I ended up putting them in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes just before bagging them, so they would easily release from the paper.  I found pretzel bags at Walmart with the Wilton cake and candy stuff.

Although these weren’t quite as professional-looking as the ones we bought, the hooligan was right…they were the perfect birthday treat. (One of his classmates told me so on the playground!)

9 thoughts on “Pretzel Treats for School

  1. I love these! I made them for the first time last Christmas and the favorite was Heath – gotta make lots more this year! ha. and this year I might wrap some like you did and hand them out for little gifts at church! cute idea :) I am loving your blog! just subscribed via email since I didn’t see GFC anywhere :( but at least there’s email! ha.

  2. Oooh…Heath would be yummy! Thanks for subscribing via email…I’m still working on getting GFC installed. I hope you get lots of great inspiration, Whitney!

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