Starched Pumpkin

Doesn’t that sound appealing?  It’s much better than it sounds, I assure you. See?


This pumpkin candy/nut/cookie jar was so simple to make.  I bought an inexpensive glass pumpkin jar for about $5, and I had some fabric from Stampin’ Up! from last fall, in several patterns from the Spice Cake collection.   And, being a good Army wife, I always have liquid starch.

Lest you think I actually am starching uniforms, believe me, I am not. When you live in military housing, or even a rental, where you aren’t supposed to paint the walls, an old military wife trick is to starch fabric onto the walls or wherever you want a pop of color, much like wallpaper. It’s super easy…soak your fabric in liquid starch, wring it out as much as you can, and smooth it on the wall.  When you are prepping to move (because that’s always gonna happen eventually), just get the fabric a little wet on the walls, peel it off, and wash it.  It’s ready for your next house! You do have to wipe down the walls afterward, but it really does just take a quick swipe.

I wanted a cloth-covered pumpkin jar, and thought this would be a super quick solution.


First, I cut some strips of fabric in 1-1/2” widths.  You can use different sizes if you’d like., for variety.  Soak them in the liquid starch, then squeeze out as much as you can (back into the bowl) as you use each strip.


Next, just place the strips where you want them.  When I took this photo, I had already placed all the strips on the pumpkin while it was upside down, then I flipped it over to tuck the edges inside. When all the strips were inside, I put a rubber band around the lip to hold them in place better.  After they were dry, I cut off the excess with really sharp scissors.


For the lid, I just put some other pieces of starchy cloth on and tucked the edges under, cutting them even when they dried, as well.


When everything was dry (I let it sit overnight), I covered the stem with E6000 and wrapped it with twine.  I strung a few beads on waxed cotton cord, frayed another strip of fabric, and tied everything on, also adding a piece of seam tape ribbon from Stampin’’ Up! in Pool Party.

I filled mine full of the middle hooligan’s favorite treat…Salt-n-Pepper Pistachios from Costco.  His little face lit up when he was poking around the coffee table and peeked inside the jar…it made my day!

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  1. ooo, something I could make for my mom’s upcoming birthday!!! Thanks! I love that it is not Halloween specific, but it can stay out for the whole Fall season :)

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