Never a Autumn Week Without Pumpkins!

I couldn’t let a week go by without some sort of pumpkin post, now could I?  So I’m sharing the “recipe” for my favorite Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte.  If you’re not a tea drinker, this would work with espresso or very strong brewed coffee as well, but I really like the tea in it.

I’m normally not a disposable cup kinda girl, but I was headed to Bible study and wanted to take a drink with me. And I bought these cute to-go cups at Target back in the summer and wanted to use one. Plus, most importantly, my friend Steph gave me this fabulous cup cozy she crocheted and I like to use it as often as possible! I even used it on iced drinks this summer, to absorb the condensation. Steph’s the best!

Here’s how to make a delectable drink:

Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte

Celestial Seasonings India Spice Black Tea (1 teabag)

8 oz very, very hot water (I brew it through my Keurig)

6 oz almond milk (or whatever milk you wish)

1 Tbsp Torani Pumpkin Spice syrup

Steep the tea bag in the hot water for 5 minutes.  Heat milk in microwave for 1-1/2 minutes, until also very hot. Remove tea bag, pour in milk and syrup, and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Never a Autumn Week Without Pumpkins!

  1. Do you have a drive-thru window? 😉 That sounds great. I think I will have to make a trip to “civilization” to get some almond milk. Oh wait, where on Earth would I buy the Torani Pumpkin spice syrup?!!!

  2. Oh yes! Homemade chai is about as simple as buying it out. This sounds so good right now. Mmmmm. LOVE those fall drinks. Anne brought me a delicioius pumpkin something-or-other drink from the big name place yesterday morning. Delish!

    No…….YOU’RE the best! And I’m glad you like the cozy. You make it look really nice in this picture! :)

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