Jewelry from the Hardware Store

So these are probably the most frugal jewelry I have ever made. I spent $1.25 for 8 washers, then used the paper scraps and ribbons and such I already had at home. Oh, but if I give you one of these as a gift, know that the love and creativity in it are priceless!

How cool is that, I ask you?  I tell my GI Joe that I’m not going to stop showing him stuff I’ve made until he says something is “Super cute!” With enthusiasm. These warranted a “Very nice!” The enthusiasm was there, but not the wording. My super cute quest continues.

To make them, simply use circle punches to punch out paper from scrapbooking paper scraps.  These needed a 1/2″ punch for the center, and a 1-3/8″ punch for the outside. Adhere the paper to the washer using Stampin’ Up!’s Crystal Effects.  I sanded the edges, to make them look more finished.

***Update:  I’ve had some questions about a substitute for the Crystal Effects (of course, you should just order it from my Stampin’ Up website! Just kdding).  At most craft stores, you can find Glossy Accents, which is basically the same stuff. If you don’t want to support my stampin’ habit.

When the paper adhesive is dry, add a layer of Crystal Effects on top to make a solid layer of glaze.  DO NOT DISTURB THEM UNTIL THEY ARE COMPLETELY DRY, which will take several hours.

Embellish them as you would like, with small beads, buttons, or other scrapbooking elements.  For the necklace part, I used decorative yarn (top photo), bamboo cording (second photo and photo below),  1/8″ ribbon (beaded Halloween one), and a faux leather necklace (this photo) that I have for other pendants.

You could even make a different one on the other side if you wished. Go crazy…you’ll probably never find another pendant you can make so inexpensively!

I’m linking this up over at Eighteeen 25’s Great Halloween Linkup…stop by and check out all the Halloween inspiration!



11 thoughts on “Jewelry from the Hardware Store

  1. My mind is blown! These are awesome! And truly super cute! I might have to finally cave and buy some punches, because these would make nice Christmas gift add-ons for several people on my list. Thanks for the awesome inspiration!!!

  2. No way! Awesome, awesome, awesome, etc……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM! More stuff for me to copycat! You are SO creative and talented. I’m going to be thinking of making these all day today, while I’m at work, when I’d rather be home making these, all day today. You have given me many great ideas for my nieces.

    • Thanks for the compliment! I just popped over to you and linked up…I have to go to the dentist now, but perusing the great ideas at your hop will be my reward when I get home!

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