Mercury Glass-ish Pumpkins

The look of mercury glass just fascinates me. I think I’ve seen pumpkins that look like antique mercury glass, but of course, I have no idea where, and glass would not be a good option in our hooligan-infested house, anyway. So I faked it.


To make these, I bought foam pumpkins at the dollar store and picked up some Rustoleum Chrome Spray Paint at the hardware store.  I was looking for “Looking glass “ paint, which I’m sure I’ve also seen somewhere but couldn’t find it locally.


I sprayed the pumpkins with three light coats, so it wouldn’t drip, allowing them to dry completely between coats.


Then I took this highly technical painter-type tool and lightly sponged black craft paint around to look like aged spots. Yes, it’s a piece of crumpled up plastic wrap. I once did a whole bedroom like this, back in the 90’s when that was the cutting edge of design.


They’re not fooling anyone up close, but they look fabulous on the mantel, surrounded by the fall décor I finally felt justified in getting out of the basement today!

2 thoughts on “Mercury Glass-ish Pumpkins

  1. Oh dang girl–those are cute! But where’s the blinged out pumpkin? It would fit right in! This has some possibilites for Thanksgiving, too. Methinks I need to make a run to the craft store!

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