Three-Strand Sliding Beads Bracelet

Are you a magpie?  I am…I collect shiny, colorful objects, especially beads and jewelry bits.  I just can’t help it when I’m at the craft store, even if I’m there to buy something completely unrelated, I’m drawn to the beading aisle. Our home in Washington is five minutes from Shipwreck Beads, the world’s largest bead store (or so they say), so you can imagine what a trainwreck I am there! It’s probably good for my wallet that we’re in Wisconsin for a couple of years.

Anyway, I decided I actually should make some jewelry, since the hooligans keep asking why I have all these supplies. I put together a cute little three-strand beaded bracelet in less than thirty minutes, including time to select which beads could leave my collection and become a thing of beauty in the world.


To make one for yourself (or a friend, of course), cut three pieces of waxed cording to about 10 inches.  Tie them together with a knot about 3” from one end, then string some beads on each.  The beads should be random and not fill the cording, so they can slide around.  I beaded about 3” on each cord.

When you’re finished with the beads, tie a knot at the other end, about 6” from your first knot, or however large you’d like the bracelet to be. Put one of those bead cones on either end, then attach the fasteners.  These are ones that crimp, but you could use ones that attach with jump rings if you prefer. Whatever is in your collection will work!

And remember…it’s handmade, so imperfection is just your personal touch. Have fun making and wearing it…mine certainly makes me smile, especially when friends comment on how cute it is!

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