A Five-Minute Project: Recharger Station

All those recharger and power cords on my kitchen desk drive me insane!  I really think they multiply overnight sometimes. So I decided to hide them.

Now, I know you can buy recharger stations, but every time Michaels has photo storage boxes on sale, I buy a batch.  You never know what you’ll repurpose them to do, and they’re such cute prints.


See? No more unruly cords. To make one for yourself, you just need a photo storage box (or a shoebox covered with pretty paper) and a craft/utility knife.


1. Cut a hole large enough for the plug end of your power strip cord. I left mine as a flap, only because I didn’t cut through the outer paper layer of the box (accidentally) and liked the look.


2. Draw some squares/rectangles inside the box, large enough for whatever rechargers  or power cords you have/  I used a silver Sharpie so I could see it easily.  Then cut the holes out using the utility knife. It actually took about ten minutes to make this because I had to go searching for a sharp utility knife. And where did I find one?  Next to the recycling box in the garage.  Honestly!


3.  Fit all your stuff inside.  It’s not pretty, but who cares?  That’s why you’re making this!


4. Pop the lid on, and relax…one more thing organized in your house!


My kitchen desk no longer makes me crazy…until school starts and hooligans begin bringing home a ream of papers every day. But I can enjoy it for the next twelve days, anyway!

2 thoughts on “A Five-Minute Project: Recharger Station

  1. Love it! I have an old bread box that I was thinking of doing the same thing too, but this would be much quicker….mainly because I am not allowed to use the power tools HAHA!!

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