Favorite June Photos

I have a few favorite photos from this month that just didn’t work into any of my posts, but I really, really want to share them! So here goes.


My hooligans and my very favorite birthday cake…as only my GI Joe can make it!
All the hooligans learned to hula hoop…in just one day.
Gorgeous, unbelievable peonies…I didn’t even edit this photo.  I haven’t had a house with peonies since upstate New York 14 years ago.  I’ve got to get some planted in Washington!
Really not looking forward to the dating years with this one. As one of my friends said, he’ll never be
able to break anyone’s heart so he’ll have three or four girls all the time. Argh.
I see this as siblings getting along, ignoring the fact that they’re armed.

My GI Joe actually does know how to relax…once in a blue moon. And look, I’m in the photo, too…in the reflection on his shades. It’s a couples portrait!


3 thoughts on “Favorite June Photos

  1. *ahem* Where are the water pistols?!! No hula hoop picture is complete without having that girl armed to the teeth!! 😀

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