Scrapping Valentine’s Day

We love to celebrate holidays around here, but I do think Valentine’s Day, along with many other holidays, is becoming way over-commercialized. I heard on the news that the average that each American will spend for Valentine’s Day is $125 this year. Really?

So I’ve tried to keep it handmade this year, for the most part. The hooligans got a few little handmade Valentines from us, and we made the ones for their classmates. Teachers just got a few chocolates, which the kids wrapped in decorated paper. The hubs did leave roses for me this morning, which was super sweet, along with a card and my favorite coffee. I’m pretty sure he didn’t make any of it, but he’s busy saving the world every day, so that’s understandable!

As one of my wise friends said on Facebook today, (paraphrasing here) I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day, and are appreciated for the love you give, and not for the overhyped gift expectations for the day!

Vday-SubwayJust so I’m not remiss in posting something creative today, here’s a digi-scrap page I made for our albums…nothing makes my heart happier than a happy family! (and my GI is happy, he’s just not pictured on this particular page!)

Enjoy a love-ly day!

One thought on “Scrapping Valentine’s Day

  1. What a great page! Great pictures too. Love those big ol’ smiles. With a mom/wife like you, who wouldn’t be happy. Makes me smile just reading about your adventures!!!!

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