Stockings for Stuffin’

Making gift card holders for birthday yesterday reminded me that I needed some Christmas ones as well. Since I go all out with creativity and buy gift cards for my little nieces and nephews and various people, I feel guilty if I don’t at least put a little effort into the card holder. Emphasis on “little effort” since I need multiples.

So, of course, I pulled out my favorite helper for multiples (no, not my husband or children)…my Big Shot. I also needed to justify buying this stocking die that I couldn’t resist. It’s a win-win, really.


I used various Christmas papers and cut out the fronts, then just plain cardstock for the backs. That way, I could write my message on the back. I mean “Merry Christmas from the Hooligans,” not some earth-shattering message I need to share with the world.

The snowflakes are made of felt and from Stampin’ Up! a couple of years ago, but you can find similar in any craft store, I’m sure.


This one was my favorite, I think. Now if you get this one from me for Christmas, won’t you feel special?

jett-stocking This one is completely finished, with the gift card tucked in (I secured it with tape, just to make sure it doesn’t go sailing out when a toddler waves it around in the air. Not that that would ever happen). I used a silver Sharpie to personalize it. When I was in junior high, I was fascinated with that writing…I think it’s called Tinker Toy. It’s a good way to fancy it up a little, without having to get your letters in a straight line.

These just took a few minutes to make with the Big Shot, and I feel a little better about the impersonal gift card when the card is handmade. And that’s what it’s all about, making sure I feel good about it. Right?

If you’re getting snow today, know that I’m envious. I can’t believe it’s almost December and we’re snowless in Wisconsin! Who would have thought it?

One thought on “Stockings for Stuffin’

  1. How darn cute are those! Love when I can find instant justification for another die purchase! I mean–when you figure what you saved in wrapping paper, box, tissue, tape, ribbon–it was practically free!

    Your “tinker toy” print takes me back, too. I’d forgotten how much I liked to doodle using that font. Thought it was just me.

    Oh by the way, I think I like your “favorite” best too. LOVE that plaid. I really should order some, huh?

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